Technology and Patents

Over the last decades, there really has been a true multitude of very new and very exhilarating inventions and amazing discoveries. The advances have truly affected many lives of the people that are from around the world along with creating a truly new concept of the electronics and the information technology. While there is an […]

Media IP Clinics

Media IP Clinics – IP Issues in Film/TV Productions Are you able to identify what rights you have in your own created works? What rights do you have to an idea for a production? Do you need to obtain any clearance before adapting a novel into a film or television program? How do you ensure […]

What is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual Property law can be divided into several different areas, but essentially there are industrial properties and copyright laws. Copyright law protects the rights of the owners of creative works and provides the exclusive right to control production, reproduction or adaption of any creative work. Take a look and listen to the following IP Week […]

Intellectual Property and Patents

You can protect your intellectual property (IP) by obtaining a Patent on your idea. You should contact a professional IP Lawyer who can provide the services you need to get a Patent. Success at obtaining a patent requires a thorough understanding of the application process. From patent searches to prosecuting claims in the patent office, […]

Patentability: Novelty and Obviousness

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I could have invented that.” Everybody does, but then the next time they think of something neat, they don’t act on it because they don’t think they can get a patent for it. So let’s dig a little deeper into Patentability: Novelty and Obviousness. There is a four-prong analysis […]

Internet Trademark Laws

The Internet Trademark Law is the same as those in general trademark laws, whereas the difference could be the issue of whether two trademarks are just too similar that there’s the likelihood that one could get them confused. So if there is the likelihood of the public being confused between the actual trademarked and the […]

Internet Laws at Work

Granting employees internet access is often necessary in order to complete business-related tasks efficiently.  With the internet serving as such a valuable tool to the workforce, some companies are finding that they need to restructure their acceptable use agreements to ensure that employee internet usage and company policy are well aligned. The following PBS Idea […]

Internet Copyright Law

Internet copyright law is of particular interest to software companies and their programmers. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was established in 1998 to protect the intellectual property of these individuals in an attempt to keep them from becoming victims of piracy. The 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act was bringing copyright protections right into the upcoming […]

E-Commerce Laws

In the United States, two main E-Commerce laws exist, UETA, or the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, and ESIGN, or the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. UETA basically makes sure that all states are in agreement regarding electronic commerce law, and it includes a major provision stating that one will no longer have to […]

Intellectual Property Lawyers

An intellectual property lawyer works with clients in the creation, licensing, protection, and transfer of intellectual property. Intellectual property encompasses a number of different products including music, books, movies, artwork, slogans, and logos, and intellectual property law allows owners to have the rights to both tangible and intangible assets. Intellectual property lawyers assist clients with five […]