Media IP Clinics

Media IP Clinics – IP Issues in Film/TV Productions

Are you able to identify what rights you have in your own created works? What rights do you have to an idea for a production? Do you need to obtain any clearance before adapting a novel into a film or television program? How do you ensure that all the necessary rights to exploit your production have been secured?

This is a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) video in which Din and Siti Kamaluddin talk about how they set up “Origin Films” in Brunei. These young and creative siblings tell how trademarks, Intellectual Property, and copyrights are so critical to be successful in the highly competitive world international film productions.

If you find yourself facing these issues and more, we are pleased to inform you that MDA and IPOS, with the support of APAA, have launched the Media IP Clinic series. To be held on a regular basis, each clinic will address a different area of intellectual property rights within the media industry.

Kicking off with a clinic on “IP Issues in Film/TV Productions”, our volunteer legal experts from APAA will seek to answer your questions on this subject during a group discussion and one-on-one sessions.

About the organizers: 

MDA – Media Development Authority of Singapore
The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) was formed to develop Singapore into a global media city, in effect fostering a creative economy and a connected society. The Media 21 strategy of MDA is aiming to create and promote a vibrant media environment both for the public and industry through five key thrusts: to export more ‘Made-by-Singapore’ media content; to establish and promote Singapore as a top media exchange center; to promote the internationalization of local media companies; to nurture local talents in the media world, and to develop Singapore digital media.

IPOS – Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
IPOS is Singapore’s key agency for formulating and regulating intellectual property laws (IP laws). IPOS is promoting IP awareness and providing the infrastructure needed for facilitating the greater awareness and development of IP around Singapore. IP has become a critical resource in the contemporary economy and it is the vision of IPOS to foster an innovative and creative Singapore where intellectual ideas and efforts are developed, valued, and exploited. In 2001, IPOS was set up as a statutory board of Singapore’s Ministry of Law and the organization was formerly referred to as Singapore’s Registry of Trade Marks and Patents.

APAA – Asian Patent Attorneys Association
APAA was established in 1969 as a non-government association that counts more than 1900 members in 24 countries from the Asian and Oceania regions. APAA is committed to protecting intellectual property rights and is the only non-government organization that’s dedicated to the protection of intellectual property rights across Asia. In 1993, APAA’s Singapore Group was established. The objectives are including the development and promotion of appropriate protection of intellectual property, fostering understanding and mutual friendship among professionals in the world of intellectual property law, and disseminating contemporary knowledge of all aspects relating to intellectual property law.