Technology and Patents

Over the last decades, there really has been a true multitude of very new and very exhilarating inventions and amazing discoveries. The advances have truly affected many lives of the people that are from around the world along with creating a truly new concept of the electronics and the information technology.

While there is an ongoing growth, many people have been faced with very new challenges and the continuing of questions on how to be able to protect the rapid developments from the exploitation and the infringement.

Patents help to secure the inventions that will grant the inventor sole rights of their own work and prevent anyone else from being able to claim it as their work throughout the coverage of the patent terms. The trademark along with the US Patent Office had been established back in 1977 along with the Patent Acts. The significance of the new inventions is a very important part of the growth of society.

The inventors are required to apply to the US Patent and Trademark Office. This would be able to let them acquire the WIPO patent or the protection of the invention under US laws. We see that in the Media World, there is a lot of confusion about Intellectual Property Rights and by organizing clinics, a better understanding should we generated. The patents for the world intellectual property would generally be controlled under the WIPO.

Typically, the people would apply for the utility patents that contain the patents life span of 20 years. The utility patents would comprise of the useful and very new machines, the processes, the manufactures or the enhancements thereof. Once the inventor had submitted for the patent, the US Patent and trademark office would decide if their invention would meet the criteria, this would be based on being statutory, non-obvious, being new, and being very useful.

Once their application has been received, they would review their initial qualifications. If all requirements have been met, the application would then be reviewed by the Patent Office Examiner where it was received. Then you would need to wait for some time, and then the patent would be either issued or dismissed.

Unfortunately, there are many inventors that had been prevented from being able to patent the inventions due to the inventor’s scams. Fraudulent companies offer the services for review and then would market the invention to different manufacturers and distributors. That would be depending on their invention, people could be charged from $2000 to $8000, this would be depending on their invention. The companies would assure that there would be no need for a patent and how a smart marketing approach would be much better and much faster for them to earn money for their inventor.

Once the US Patent and Trademark Office have awarded the patent to the inventors, under the Federal patent laws, the inventions are now protected. If there were to be any case that would arise under the unauthorized distribution, the uses or the manufacturing of the patented invention, the courts have the full jurisdictions over this matter. The inventor that would be the person to get the patent would have the rights to prevent any further infringement from happening and could also be able to sue for the damages and the monetary compensations.

If you were to make an invention and your not sure if you are going to need a patent or not, or even if you were not sure of how to secure your patent, you would want to make sure you contact the patent attorneys.